BioHarnessZephyr™ products provide market-leading physiological and biomechanical monitoring capability. Designed to maintain performance during extreme activity, they log or export data wirelessly and go unnoticed by the wearer – enabling the collection of genuine field-based, high-quality data.

All Zephyr™ products include BioSense™ algorithms. These extract information from the body while ignoring noise and other environmental effects, allowing Zephyr's Smart fabric technology to deliver superior comfort without sacrificing accuracy.

With these capabilities, Zephyr's products suit a vast range of applications and can be sold as a total solution, or integrated with enabled devices and garments.

Professional Products

Zephyr™'s professional products utilise Zephyr™'s BioHarness™. The BioHarness™ enables a high standard of physiological monitoring out in the field. This enables training, studies and real time monitoring at a level normally reserved for in the lab. Comprehensive data is supplied in easily manageable data files, enabling fast and detailed analysis of physiological trends and events. Data transmission capability supports multiple communication protocols, and sensors are easily integrated into apparel or uniforms.

The BioHarness™ can be used stand alone or with Zephyr™s various application specific software such as Team System,  First Responder or SDK for larger system integration.


The Team System, FRS, and DPS 1000 systems combine Zephyr™'s BioHarness™ device with BioGauge™ software tp provide total monitoring solutions in the Sports, First Responder and Military markets.

These products can also be integrated with partner systems. To date Zephyr™ has supported significant technological advancements through integration with military, sporting, research and clinical systems. We are always interested in creating relationships that will pioneer valuable and innovative new applications.

Consumer Products

Zephyr™'s Consumer products include the HRM, and HxM (heart rate with speed & distance). These platforms can use standard wireless protocols (Bluetooth™, ANT Sport™ and custom digital or analog) enabling connectivity to existing sport and mobile devices, and allowing easy customization for channel partners requiring proprietory solutions.