BioHarness™ BT

BioHarness™ BT couples the pioneering Smart Fabric sensor technology of the comfortable and unobtrusive BioHarness™ garment with the power and ubiquity of Bluetooth®. BioHarness™ BT enables the capture and transmission of comprehensive physiological data on the wearer via mobile and fixed data networks – enabling genuine remote monitoring of human performance and condition in the real world.

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BioHarness™ BT applications

BioHarness™ BT has applications in any field requiring high-level wireless and remote physiological monitoring, including research, training and tele-health situations. It offers a vital advantage to users in a diverse range of sectors, including academic and research, sports, defense, health and wellness.

The BioHarness™ BT advantage

BioHarness™ BT can be worn in virtually any environment – from combat situations to the sports field. It maintains performance under extreme activity. Offering fast, accurate collection and analysis of high-quality, in-depth data, BioHarness™ BT is the definitive product for remote physiological monitoring in all conditions.


Purchasing a BioHarness™ BT

This can be done through any of our distributors worldwide. If you cannot find a distributor in your region, please directly.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Software Development Kit, SDK is available on request.The kit is an excellent way to integrate the BioHarness into other third party software. For more information please contact

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Product Capabilities

  • Monitors heart rate, R-R
  • Monitors breathing rate and depth
  • IR skin temperature measurement
  • Activity measurement via 3D accelerometer
  • Posture analysis
  • Fabric-based, dry contacts
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Comparative analysis
  • Real-time and off-line analysis
  • Local display of summary data on a Bluetooth / Java device
  • Remotely configured thresholds
  • Streaming, Sample or Threshold data transmission modes over the cellular data network
  • SDK available