First Responder System

BioHarness™ First Responder System (FRS) offers unprecedented visibility of the physiological condition of First Responder teams in the most challenging environments. Deployed over existing digital radio equipment, FRS offers cost effective safety assurance.

Designed for squads of people deployed in the harshest environments, the BioHarness™ FRS enables the monitoring of up to 64 individuals simultaneously. The BioHarness™ FRS is for Fire Fighter teams, Police and Civil Defence squads in both training and active duty scenarios.

The comprehensive physiological and motion based data enables informed decision making in emergency situations. The Smart Fabric strap does not impact the wearer’s ability to perform their duties and does not result in skin irritation over time.

Purchasing the FRS

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Solution Capabilities

  • Monitors up to 64 personnel simultaneously in real time
  • Applicable to both training and real emergencies
  • Ideal for management of resources in the field
  • Summary and Detail views improve situational awareness
  • Smart Fabric sensors are comfortable for long term use and use dry contact technology