Defense System

The BioHarness™ Defense Physiological System (DPS) offers unprecedented visibility of the physiological condition of military personnel in both training and combat environments. Deployed over existing encrypted digital radio equipment, the DPS offers cost effective safety assurance.

Designed for squads deployed in the harshest environments, the BioHarness™ DPS enables the monitoring of up to 64 individuals simultaneously. The BioHarness™ DPS is for all front line military squads in both training and active duty scenarios.

The comprehensive physiological and motion based data enables informed decision making in high-risk and emergency situations.

The Smart Fabric strap does not impact the wearer’s ability to perform their duties and does not result in skin irritation over time. This strap can also be integrated into combat and training fatigues, further improving the ease of use of the whole system.

Purchasing the DPS

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Solution Capabilities

  • Allows better C2 decisions
  • Integrates with industry standard radios.
  • Optimise the safety and effectiveness of personnel in the field.
  • Applicable for training and for active duty.
  • Data compatible with blue force tracking systems