BioHarness™ Research... the lab on a strap*

The BioHarness™ Research system integrates patented Smart Fabric sensor technology into a chest strap that is comfortable and unobtrusive. It captures comprehensive physiological data on the wearer, eliminating the need for multiple devices. The robust BioHarness™ enables genuine real world monitoring of human performance and condition – giving you a vital advantage.

*Now available in Bluetooth™, and with an SDK

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BioHarness™ Research benefits

BioHarness™ has multiple applications – particularly in the human factors and physiology-based academic and research sectors. As a "Lab on a strap", the BioHarness™ enables genuine field-based research – allowing previously unavailable research avenues to be explored. Key benefits include:

- Live, streaming data to a PC (50ft) enabling real-time data collection and monitoring.

- 20 day logging capability for out-of-the lab monitoring, and multiple subject remote studies.

- Time-stamped CSV data export from BioHarness™ software allows BioHarness™ data to be combined with other data, and analysed in other software packages.

Purchasing a BioHarness™

This can be done through any of our distributors worldwide. If you cannot find a distributor in your region, please directly.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

A Software Development Kit, SDK is available on request.The kit is an excellent way to integrate the BioHarness™ into other third party software. For more information please contact i

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Product Capabilities

  • Monitors heart rate, R-R and ECG trace
  • Monitors breathing rate and depth
  • Records local skin temperature for trend analysis
  • Monitors inclination in degrees from horizontal for posture reporting
  • Activity measured in velocity magnitude units over pre-defined epochs for calorific analysis
  • Examines acceleration to allow study of loading and perturbation changes
  • Fabric-based, dry contacts are non-restrictive and comfortable
  • Allows quantitative analysis between subjects, activity, situation and time
  • Real time and trend analysis via graphical display
  • Wireless connectivity
  • SDK Available