Team System... get the full picture.

The Zephyr™ Team System takes the market leading BioHarness™ technology and integrates it with software that offers real-time and off-line team measurement and analysis capabilities, based on Breathing Rate, Heart Rate, Activity, Temperature and Posture. Using these vital signs, the Team System allows testing and monitoring of fitness and fatigue via measures such as Ventilatory Threshold, and Heart Rate Recovery. Coaches, trainers athletes, and anyone interested in their human "assets" can now get the full picture with the Zephyr™ Team System.

With real time monitoring of up to 64 people simultaneously, the BioHarness™ offers high visibility of squads during training, and comprehensive analysis capabilities after training.

Designed for managing multiple subjects, the BioHarness™ Team system allows you to configure hundreds of individuals for data collection, analysis and reporting as part of a team or individually.

The comprehensive data gathered combines physiological and motion-based parameters to give more context to performance analysis than is typically available using heart rate alone. The system also allows simple real time interpretations for conditions such as dehydration, heat stroke risk and fatigue.

Purchasing a Team System

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Solution Capabilities

  • Mask-free Ventilatory Threshold testing, and real-time monitoring.
  • Manual and automated Heart Rate Recovery
  • Monitors up to 64 subjects simultaneously in real time
  • Ideal for management of fitness and performance within a squad, team or organization
  • Real-time and off-line comparative analysis
  • Monitors heart rate and breathing rate
  • IR skin temperature measurement
  • Activity measurement via 3D accelerometer
  • Posture analysis
  • Fabric-based, dry contacts
  • In-built Wireless connectivity to 150 meters