Zephyr™ HxM with Speed & Distance

The Zephyr™ HxM integrates Smart Fabric sensor technology into fabric-based garment components, capturing high-quality data on heart rate, heart rate variability, stress, speed & distance. The Zephyr™ HxM is comfortable, robust and able to withstand extreme movement. Fabric sensors are easily incorporated into garment manufacturing processes. 

The HxM has advanced DSP analysis and analogue electronics to extract crisp heart rate data and 3 axis solid state accelerometers that can be used for gaming, health and fitness applications.

The product supports Bluetooth wireless communication, offering the versatility for a wide range of applications using mobile devices, gaming consoles and internet applications. See our SDK page for integrator information.

The Zephyr™ Bluetooth™ HRM opens up excellent opportunities for mobile phone or Wii-based fitness, wellness and gaming applications with the BT HxM SDK.

  • Heart Rate, R-R using fabric sensors

  • Speed, Distance and Activity are supported options.

Purchasing a Zephyr™ BT HxM

Please directly for pricing and ordering information.

Zephyr™ HxM benefits

The Zephyr™ HxM offers product partners and end-users multiple benefits:

Product partners

Zephyr™ HxM provides genuine field-based monitoring, allowing accurate heart rate, speed and distance calculation and complex R-R analysis. The fabric-based sensors are supplied on a fabric strap or can be easily integrated into apparel, and patented BioSense™ algorithms address noise and distortion issues that characterize typical fabric sensors. The Zephyr™ HxM standard manufacturing processes offer a cost-effective solution for high volume manufacturing.


The Zephyr™ HxM offers a critical advantage in boosting performance by collecting and measuring stable, high-quality and accurate heart rate data for advanced analysis. Changes in condition and response can be quantified over time and in real time. The Zephyr™ HxM maintains its performance during extreme movement and perspiration, and does not restrict the wearer in any way.

Developers and Integrators

A Software Developers Kit, SDK, is available for easy integration into phone applications. Please contact for more information.

Please also see the open source project endorsed by Zephyr at .

Zephyr™ licenses technolgy to OEMs and integrators. Contact us for more information.

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Product Capabilities

  • Provides heart rate, R-R, speed, distance (for runners & walkers)
  • SDK available for integration to other devices.
  • Smart-fabric sensors and chest strap for optimal comfort.
  • BioSense™ algorothms extract noise free data.
  • Wireless options - Bluetooth™, ANT™
  • Can be designed into standard garments