Zephyr Resources

Welcome to the Zephyr support page. This page is intended for users, trainers, developers or those just looking for a little more information past the marketing summaries.

On the page links to the left you will find information on our

  • Software development kits, SDK, to quickly connect our products to your application running on PC, PDA or mobile phone.
  • Reference material both external and internally generated that validates the various measurements and approaches taken with the products and software to measure people during training, active duty, there levels of fitness, fatigue and many other useful parameters.
  • Frequently asked questions, FAQ's, to quickly respond to those common questions we see from customers.
  • Case studies on how people have used the products and found them of value.

Our distributors around the world are well trained on the products and can offer local support.

If you have a specific difficulty or need more information about one of our products, email our .

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